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About RMF Global

RMF Global oversees Real Medicine Foundation offices on five continents, and works in partnership with Real Medicine Enterprises, its global social enterprise and impact investment arm, and anYmo, a game-changing model for access to education and business opportunities. Africa Music Festival is its newest addition.

Real Medicine Foundation

Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) was initated by Dr. Martina C. Fuchs following her experience supporting the Indian Ocean Tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka in early 2005. Creating an approach of constant innovation and local empowerment, she led RMF to grow into a global powerhouse that expanded into 25 countries with 70+ initiatives, impacting a target population of 17+ million people and being at the forefront of a paradigm shift in humanitarian aid and development.

Real Medicine Enterprises

Real Medicine Enterprises (RME) was founded in September 2018, adding it as a social enterprise and social impact investment arm to expand Real Medicine’s global reach for capacity building and empowerment beyond its humanitarian entities, RMF Global and the offices of Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) around the world.


With its purpose of Accelerating Sustainable Human Capital and Investing in Sustainable Human Potential all over the globe, an online platform (anYmo) became one of the signature components in RME’s portfolio.


Navigating the global humanitarian landscape, we noticed the power of local empowerment and capacity building to achieve independence for communities in emerging markets and developing countries, one major factor in Liberating Human Potential being access to education, learning, and (business) opportunities.


Real Medicine Enterprises has been growing into a cutting edge model for access to education and (business) opportunities around the globe. Revenues provide free education solutions for children and youth in the most remote areas of our planet.


anYmo came officially into life in late 2020, following a year that brought great change, developments, and insights for us, our teams, and, of course, our planet in general.


In the course of 2020, under the umbrella of Real Medicine Enterprises (RME), and based on requests brought to us by our global network, we scaled and expanded our online platform to become an all-in-one digital communication platform, a game-changing model of access to education and business opportunities.


The Latin word for courage is Animo. We believe that the most important ingredient for Anyone of us to think big, and ‘crazy’ and paradigm-shifting and game-changing is courage. Courage to face the unknown with action. Courage to learn. Courage for education. With anYmo, we are giving the tools to face the unknown.


We decided on the Y because of our WHY. Our platform and the opportunities we are offering are inclusive: Anyone is welcome here. We believe that with Courage…. Anyone, Anywhere has the capacity to achieve Anything they can dream. anYmo

Africa Music Festival

Presented by anYmo and positioned in Kenya’s music scene, one of the most vibrant music scenes on the African continent, the Africa Music Festival is a live music event showcasing musical artists and bands from the African continent and globally.


Hosted in collaboration with partners in Africa, Europe, and the United States, and benefitting children in remote areas of Kenya, the African continent, and beyond, performances will be live streamed to broadcast to audiences around the world. Art and virtual reality installations, African and international food and drinks, merchandise, memorabilia, and much more will be part of an unforgettable weekend.


“The opportunity you’ve presented is quite exciting and ambitious.” – Jeff Moore, Senior Vice President ESP Guitars