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About Real Medicine Foundation
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Aligned with governments and international agencies in twenty-five countries on five continents around the world; and with an approach of constant innovation and local empowerment, Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) grew into a global powerhouse that expanded into 25 countries with 70+ initiatives, impacting a target population of 17+ million people and being at the forefront of a paradigm shift in humanitarian aid and development.


Martina Fuchs

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Lasting Change

RMF partners with and empowers local populations, co-creating long-term solutions that are self-sustainable. RMF believes that real medicine focuses on the whole person, reaching beyond medical and physical care to include economic, social, and emotional support as well. From disaster relief to hospital support to vocational training, RMF’s adaptive global initiatives are tuned to the country, culture, and needs of the region, and based on our ethics of ‘friends helping friends helping friends’, treating every person with dignity and respect.

Proven Methods

Adaptive, creative, and efficient, RMF makes the most of every dollar donated by employing local, passionate, dedicated teams that combine deep regional wisdom with cutting edge best practices. We are all united by the unique human ability to transform the world around us – the people in developing and disaster stricken areas are most capable of solving their unique challenges. We are at our best when we act as co-creators for a better world. Liberating Human Potential.


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